Demystifying Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
June 5, 2018 (Tue)  02:00 PM  US/Eastern

From data scientists to business users – everyone can get value, or have superpowers, from various forms of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Join us for this introductory session to learn the basics about AI and ML and learn how government agencies (and related organizations) are gaining value from these technologies - even if you are completely new to AI/ML.

Register for this webinar and learn how:
- users and application engineers are adding intelligence into their system with a few easy calls
- data engineers are using various platforms to easily build models and not be overwhelmed by configuration
- deep data scientists are having virtually unlimited training power with easy-to-use interfaces

- Ben Snively, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS
- Mike Smoyer, President, Digital Government Institute

This is a past event and is no longer available for registration.
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