The Data Lake Approach to Cross-System Records Management
February 20, 2020 (Thu)  01:00 PM  US/Eastern

It’s common. Most organizational data lives in a variety of places and storage types while the volume and details of the content is often a mystery. Join us to learn how streaming all your content sources into a data lake can ensure legal and regulatory records compliance across systems, enable cross-system business processes, and leverage comprehensive search and discovery capabilities without affecting end users and the systems they’re using.
You’ll learn how to:
• Employ the data lake approach to cross-system records management
• Connect all your content sources (including email, file shares, physical records, SharePoint, SAP & many more)
• Automatically protect, categorize, preserve, and retain records without user impact
• Leverage machine learning, automatic OCR, and transcription of video and audio files for deeper discovery
• Better understand and make decisions on the content you have and the ROT to destroy
• Save substantial time fulfilling FOIA, legal holds and other investigative requests

Presented by:
Graham Sibley, CEO, Collabware

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